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Get rid of your junk!

Don’t Let Clutter Control your Home

Sometimes, a buildup of junk can lead to a great area in your home becoming totally overrun by unnecessary STUFF!
-Foreclosure Clean Out & Cleanup
-Pool Removal & Cleanup
-Shed removal & Cleanup
-Eviction Cleanup
The old armoire or coffee table you replaced but never threw out, the old inhabitance of a remodeled room or a basement full of stuff the old homeowners didn’t want. Bottom line, this stuff has to go, but where to? Does the trash service take it? Are you going to have to make 10 trips to the dump?
When your home or office gets overrun by unsightly clutter, it might be time for a house call from Dr. Junk. We focus on junk removal, so anything from one item to a whole house, our professional team will come remove all the unwanted build up inside your house to create or restore order and cleanliness. We also do lots of work with landlords when foreclosures and evictions occur. Don’t let junk overrun your home! Call Dr. Junk today and take your space back!
We Take…

Air Conditioners, Appliances, Books, Box Springs, Brick, Cardboard, Clothes, Concrete, Computers, Dehumidifiers, Desks, Estate Clean out, Freezers, Foreclosures, Furniture, Gravel, Mattresses, Metal, Packaging, Paper, Partitions, Plastic, Refrigerators, Sports Equipment, Stoves, Televisions, Tires, Washer/Dryers, Wood, and more!

Dr. Junk Clean Out & Hauling Services

Light Demolition

Quick, Safe and Permanent

Is there a piece of your home that you don’t need or can’t stand the site of? An eye sore left by a previous owner? Let Dr. Junk’s seasoned movers have a bit of fun destroying something for you! We know the best and safest ways to break down and remove any unwanted, heavy duty pieces of equipment or home. We have the tools and knowledge needed to breakdown old jungle gyms, sheds, pools and more. Freeing up this space allows you to create new areas of your home or yard so you can personalize anything and maximize your home’s potential! Don’t let your home suffer from unnecessary and unwanted clutter. Let the Doctor’s come through and expand your homes potential!
Decks can be a great way to entertain friends and family or just relax and enjoy the outdoors. Sometimes however, these decks can become unsafe or unsuitable for your yard. If you’ve recently moved, are unhappy with or need a deck broken down, call Dr. Junk today for a free estimate. We’ll break it down and safely transport all the pieces away so you don’t have to worry about it anymore!
Pools can be fun, relaxing and sometimes, inconvenient eye sores. Not getting any use out of your pool anymore? Kids out of the house? Maybe it’s time to retire the old pool. Instead of struggling pulling everything apart, get someone with the equipment and experience to take the pool out the right way. We not only break down but remove all the debris created leaving your home clean and pool free.
While a shed can be a useful home for household tools, an old or unused shed can take up space in your yard. Not always the easiest thing to break down, a shed is one of the pieces of equipment we specialize in taking apart. Call the doctor and eliminate the stress, danger and chore of finally tearing down your shed!
Cement Walkways
While walkways can look great and add a sophisticated touch to a home, if they are improperly positioned or laid, they can have the opposite effect. If you need help removing a walkway from your property, call Dr. Junk today and get a free estimate on a removal. Don’t let hundreds of pounds of concrete ruin your home’s look. Call today!
While great walls can make great neighbors, terrible walls can have the opposite effect. If your home is plagued by an ugly or unnecessary wall, call Dr. Junk and our experts will come out to give a free estimate on destruction and removal.
Swing Sets
Have an old swing set your children have outgrown? Dr. Junk will break down and remove every bolt to give you space in your yard once more. We’ll dispose of everything correctly and give you your yard back!